Welcome To Mystical Green

Howdy, Here at Mystical Green we have but one Goal, that is to offer the Highest Quality Products at a reasonable price to help people. No matter what your ideas are, CBD has proven to be effective. We have experienced this first hand and that is quite frankly why we have this site. We know it works and want other people to have the same opportunity to find quality product to choose from.

We offer high quality CBD Products to all 50 states. Ordering is easy and delivery is fast. Our team is available by phone or email to answer any of questions that are not listed on our FAQ page.

Mystical Green’s products are classified as industrial hemp and are legally available to anyone in the US over the age if 18. CBD which include cannabinoids from industrial hemp, under the conditions set forth in Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (aka the “Farm Bill”).

Kirk Kryger
Kirk Kryger Founder/Developer
For the past 20+ years Kirk has been an online serial entrepreneur, owning several successful online businesses. Growing up on a small farm in Arizona bordering Mexico, he was living the dreams of every boy, he was a cowboy, his family had 500 head of cattle and was included in all the task necessary to run a farm. From branding (not the kind he does today), roping, feeding and care of the animals and the farm.
Kirk attributes his upbringing to his resourcefulness as an entrepreneur. On the farm you had to figure things out all on your own – no Google.
Gene Dietzgen
Gene DietzgenSales/Customer Care
Gene Dietzgen is a people person. The customer is always the central focus in all Gene’s 35 years in business. His background includes managing multiple retail luggage stores. Opening Genes Luggage in Valencia Ca. was one of Gene’s crowning achievements. His expertise includes all areas of responsibility of running a successful company, such as bookkeeping, personal management, training employees, marketing, inventory control systems and retail sales.
Teresa Kryger
Teresa Kryger Marketing/Latin America
Along with her husband, Teresa has build a very successful eCommerce career. She was one of the first vendors on Amazon when they started to accept outside vendors and has several successful brands she has developed.
She has made her main focus now (besides her business) to advance her knowledge about the CBD oil and share it with as many people as possible. She believes that sharing her experience on what the CBD has done for her with other people, will give them the opportunity to determine if CBD is something they want introduce into their lives to give their bodies the opportunity to heal themselves.
Xaman Kryger
Xaman Kryger Shipping/Inventory
Xaman is at the center of fulfillment and keeping the right amount of inventory on hand. She has managed the logistics for some very large Internet eCommerce companies.
She is also a concert violinist and a Second Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu.
Buzzinga Lightyear
Buzzinga LightyearMaster of All
Our big Maine Coon Mix.
Briar Rose
Briar RoseThe Queen
Our demur Norwegian Forest Cat.