High Potency Vegan Gummies | 50mg per Gummy | 5 or 10 PACK

High Potency Vegan Gummies | 50mg per Gummy | 5 or 10 PACK


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These 50mg CBD per piece gummies has been formulated to harness the entourage effect of full spectrum hemp derived cannabinoids. The gummies comes in assorted flavors and are sugar coated for extra palatability.

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8 reviews for High Potency Vegan Gummies | 50mg per Gummy | 5 or 10 PACK

  1. JT

    My husband and I love these gummies. The flavors are great. We are both getting a good amount of relief from chronic pain issues. This product with 50mg of CBD, helps to relieve stress and anxiety and stress related headaches as well. We think it is a great value for the cost too. We will continue to use this product into the future and recommend to family and friends. Give them a try.

  2. PP

    The Gummies have a good taste and seem to help some of my minor pains. I seem to be a little calmer than usual and sleep a little better. This product with 50mg of CBD has honestly changed my life. I don’t know where to begin, the flavor is delicious its like little gummy candies but they work like medicines. I don’t know what I would do without this product. Think I will try the drops next time.

  3. JB

    I bought these 50mg gummies hoping it would help with my fibromyalgia. It helps a lot. Surprise surprise. I can sleep better, and it also seems to help my anxiety. I had tried the more expensive CBD oil but didn’t help at all. I also let a couple friends try them, and they could not believe the results. I am sure they plan to order some soon. I definitely recommend this product.

  4. FD

    They all seem to work for me, buy I wanted to try a higher dose of CBD. The Mystical Green gummies seem to be even better for my husband. These really help him to relax before he goes to sleep as he has a stressful job and commute. And he has some muscle pain every evening from his job so he says those really help him to relax. And as a bonus they’re really tasty so it’s a win-win. These particular CBD gummies have a higher level of full spectrum CBD in them. I can’t say that I noticed a difference with the other gummies I had before which were something around 25 mg. But my husband says that now he sleeps even better. So it might be just a placebo effect or it might really work better I guess you just have to try it yourself.

  5. SC

    I suffer from a bad knee and lower back pain, as well as pretty bad stress induced anxiety. My doctor took me off of my medication for my nerves and anxiety so my daughter bought me some packages of high potency CBD gummies to try. I took two gummies last night, and slept with no issues (something that has become extremely rare). These are my new saving grace without a doubt.
    I absolutely love them. They also have awesome flavors. Amazing product!

  6. HR

    I have been suffered debilitating pain from injuries that I either suffered from a severe accident or extreme wear and tear on my body while serving my country in the Armed Forces. I can honestly say that the taste is just like actual gummy bears and they are extremely effective in managing my pain. I don’t feel uptight or unable to function like you do with opiates. I find that 2 to 4 a day works wonders. I think the higher dose of CBD helps control the discomfort I feel all over my body. They have earned my business for life. Thank you for all you have done for me.

  7. BT

    A friend suggested this product to me. He said it could be helpful for my mother’s sleeping and pain issues she has, and to help with inflammation. As there is a plethora of CBD gummies available nowadays that promise good taste and results, this high potency one came through and did what it said it would do. Mother was not credible at first but noticed it helped her after a week of taking the gummies as directed on the bottle. Will definitely bookmark this purchase for future reference.

  8. JA

    I have lots of joint pain from working outside my whole life. I take two gummy bears every morning and night. I noticed that now I walk easier and sleep better than before. I also tend to be less anxious which is great. The high CBD gummy bears are the easiest way to take it. I’ve had the oil and the ointment, but the gummies are the easiest and works the best for me! I will be buying these for a good long while. thank you.

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